My name is Mary I am a 49 year old mum of two boys 11 & 9, before qualifying as a Pilates instructor I organised multi sport camps for kids and provided after school activities for primary school children which, I absolutely loved.


I became passionate about Pilates about 3 years ago.  I have since qualified as a Pilates instructor.  As well as teaching reformer Pilates at  Bodyfirm Studios in Dublin 7, I have also recently set up my own studio.

If you want to experience the key elements of  Reformer Pilates - 

  • breath,

  • concentration,

  • control, 

  • precision and

  • flow

and enjoy a complete mind and body transformation, join me at my private studio in the heart of Dublin 7 

As well as Reformer Pilates which, is my first love, I also have an interest in Pilates for those suffering from Osteoporosis. As a fellow sufferer I know how hard it is to motivate yourself to do exercise, it can also be quite painful too however, ensuring that your bones are strong and well developed will help you into your third age.

Another interest of mine is Pilates for those who have had spinal surgery. I believe many people are fearful of movement after surgery and I will hopefully give you the confidence to move more freely again.

if you are interested in trying out Pilates for the first time and you don't want to join a group class,  join me for the foundation of what I am sure will lead you into a love affair with this amazing form of exercise.

Contact 0868691264

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