As the parent or legal guardian of the child/children attending Active Kids  (herein after referred to as: Parent), I hereby declare that my Child/Children can attend – during the given time period (8.30 a.m. -2.00 p.m or 4.00 p.m.  breakfast club & ACTIVE KIDS Camp) or (10.00 a.m. -2.00 pm /4.00 p.m. ACTIVE KIDS Camp ) and under the conditions stated below.


I understand that my Child can attend ACTIVE KIDS only with my explicit permission and under the conditions stated below.

  • The Organisers of ACTIVE KIDS declare that they will act to the best of their knowledge to ensure the quality of activities provided to the Child.


  •  The Organizers of ACTIVE KIDS declare that the Child may not leave ACTIVE KIDS in the absence of the Parents or without the explicit request or permission of the Parent.


  • The Child may only be picked up from ACTIVE KIDS by the Parent or legal guardian, or any third person authorized by them and the Coordinator of ACTIVE KIDS must be advised of this at the beginning of the day.


The Organisers of ACTIVE KIDS are only responsible as far as the obligations stated in ACTIVE KIDS Policy are concerned; in any other cases the responsibility relies solely on the Parent.


  • The Parent is liable for any possible damages to the Academy’s equipment or premises caused by the Child.

  • The Parent declares that he or she has listed all known illnesses of the Child in the Academy’s official sign-up form.

  • The organisers of ACTIVE KIDS are not liable for any injuries caused by illnesses not stated in the sign-up form.

  • By signing this Disclaimer, the Parent understands and declares that the Child will participate in sports and other activities at one’s own risk.

  • The Organizers of ACTIVE KIDS are not liable for injuries resulting from these activities

  • In the event that the Child requires medical care during ACTIVE KIDS you give permission for us to administer first aid, any costs that arise as the result of such care, that are not covered ACTIVE KIDS insurance, must be paid by the Parents.

  • In case ACTIVE KIDS covers any such cost on the spot, the Parents must reimburse these costs. 

ACTIVE KIDS Policy is part of the Parental Disclaimer. The Parent verifies this and that he or she and the Child have read and understood ACTIVE KIDS Policy.


  • Parents/Guardians and other family members are not permitted on the training filed during Academy hours.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring the safe entry and exit  and vice versa.

  • Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is collected on time.

  1. Permission to play cricket/rounders without a helmet (we will be using a soft ball)

  2. Permission for your child to use a portable long jump

  3. Permission for your child to jump hurdles, use hula hoops or another track and field equipment

  4. Permission for your child to use a crash mat and be involved in learning tumbles and gymnastic exercises

  5. ACTIVE KIDS will be held outside and as such we will be subject to all the elements, if you do not wish your child to play in light rain please advise.

  6. KIDS STUNT CLASS: Parents should be aware that the kids will be leaning a Hong Kong style of fight choreography and action stunts.  How to jump and fall on grass and a crash mat, how to kick, punch and block kicks (light contact will be a part of the drills and games. 



  1. We are hoping to have guest sports attend ACTIVE KIDS – Please let us know if you DO NOT WISH your child to participate in sports other than those listed on the website please initial if you give your child permission to participate in these activities. 




  • Credit letters or make up lessons will NOT be given for non-attendance of days for any reason.


  • Cancelling due to illness where possible we will offer a change of week, as long as we have available places remaining.


In case of cancellation, the following rules apply:

•               The (Monday) of the Week before the Academy, 50% of ACTIVE KIDS fee is refunded

•               Once ACTIVE KIDS has started, no refunds are possible.

  •          If your child misses a day during ACTIVE KIDS a refund will not be possible.


Active Kids may use media equipment during any session for analysis and/or promotional purposes. By enrolling on any multi-sport programme you are giving permission for images of your child to be used by ACTIVE KIDS  for any lawful purpose.


If you would rather ACTIVE KIDS  did not use images of your child, please make us aware in writing. Any photos or videos taken at ACTIVE KIDS are the property of the Academy. ACTIVE KIDS maintains all the rights. The parents accept that photos may be taken at programs or activities where the child participates.



It is in your interest to know, to understand and follow ACTIVE KIDS policy, in order to make our camps as safe as possible. Therefore, this policy is mandatory for all Campers.

Camper s must/must not:

  • Bring into ACTIVE KIDS area things or materials that can harm life, health and body, including tools that can cause or start fire.

  • leave the area without ACTIVE KIDS Leaders’ permission.

  • leave their group during a session without their teacher’s permission.

  • take part in lessons and behave adequately

  • look after the buildings and equipment of ACTIVE KIDS and their own valuables; Camper s are responsible for rented objects. Any damage caused to these object, equipment or buildings have to be refunded by the person who caused the damage.

  • PLEASE DO NOT bring your child to ACTIVE KIDS if they are unwell, as you will be asked to take your child home.


We operate an anti-bullying policy which includes the following measures.

  • Raising awareness of bullying as an unacceptable form of behaviour (teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting or extortion).

  • Creating an ethos, which encourages children/leaders/coaches and parents to report bullying and to use the procedures in place to report any bullying incident.

  • Any forms of discrimination, bullying or anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.

The ACTIVE KIDS  promotes and insists in values of equality, respect, tolerance and friendship.


we have a zero-tolerance policy towards threatening behaviour of any kind, if these rules are breached we will ask you to remove your child from the Academy.





  • Please do not wear jewelry during Academy hours as it is a safety hazard.

  • Long hair must be tied back for safety reasons

  • Camper s are not allowed to bring valuables (watch, laptop, mobile, jewels) or cash into the Academy,



Parents must declare any permanent conditions, sickness, allergy, food or medicine sensitivity.


Offences of Policy:

  • A serious offence of against the policy will automatically result in the cancellation of the Camper ’s stay and the Camper will be sent back home.

  • The price of ACTIVE KIDS will not be refunded, and the decision cannot be appealed.

  • In case a Camper is suspended from ACTIVE KIDS and sent home, ACTIVE KIDS has the right to deny subsequent applications from the Camper to re-join ACTIVE KIDS in future sessions.


Parents are able:

To ask, complain or announce anything to ACTIVE KIDS Leaders before and after hours and during the course of the week that your child is attending Academy.  Please do not complain after your child has left ACTIVE KIDS as we will be unable to rectify any problems that are incurred.



Data given during application are handled confidentially and is never given out to a third party.



  • I hereby authorise The ACTIVE KIDS  to supervise my child(ren) in participation of multi sports events .

  • I certify that my child(ren) has/have no medical condition(s) that may affect his/her ability to participate in sporting activities.

  • I accept and clearly understand that injuries may occur during sporting activities. Knowing this, I hereby authorize the coaches/leaders to use their best endeavours to render medical assistance for any health problem with my child(ren) that may arise from participating in the class.

  • I hereby release and hold harmless The ACTIVE KIDS and indemnify The ACTIVE KIDS, its agents and assigns and employees from and against all liability that may arise from my child(ren) participation at the multi sports Academy.

  • I accept full responsibility for any or all medical expenses and/or damages which may result from my child(ren)’s participation in the Academy.

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