First and Foremost I am a Mum

June 18, 2017

First and foremost I am a mum it's not my job description but I consider it is my most important role, around that role I have created the Academy.

I've always wanted my kids to be able to experience as many different types of sport and activity as possible it was made possible for me so I chose to make it possible for my kids.

For those who know me - you know how highly I place daily outside activity for my kids so It seemed like a no brainer for me to start the Academy - I am able me to work from home as well as spend time with my boys during my working day at the camp its a win win situation.

I have two boys 7 and 6, my eldest boy is a competitor in every thing he does his sporting ability is fantastic, my youngest whilst he is great at sport is reluctant - he is shy and self conscious not great a mixing and needs to assess his surroundings before he'll get stuck in, he likes music and dancing, drawing and coloring. (you may have seen him in some of my videos 'bounding' & swinging etc ).

So what ! you may be thinking - well the beauty of having such different children is that I have made sure to provide 'activities' as well as team sports at the camp this way both of my kids interests are covered and both of them are happy during the day. So as a parent if you are worried about sending your child to the Academy don't be, there is something for everyone this summer session we have dance, arts and crafts, ultimate frizbee, fencing, athletics, martial arts, animal flow, cricket, rounders, treasure hunts, football, OPW visits in the Phoenix Park, nature tails, baking and so much more, to be honest I don't know how we are going to be able to fit it all in.

Join us and discover the fun.



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