July 14, 2017

 i read an article in the Metro paper a couple of days ago which I found interesting (…/girls-who-play-football-have-more-con…/) but it didn't resonate with me until I was talking to my friend about the Soccer Skill Workshop that we are holding on Sunday. She asked me how many girls had signed up and I realised that we had none - I'm not sure I'm entirely surprised but I am a little bit disappointed, as well as that, I had not had a single inquiry from a parent of a girl player.


This leads me on to my own personal goal of trying to 
make a change in how girls view sport. It is obviously part the zeitgeist as many sporting bodies have introduced initiatives just for girls - #weplaystrong #likeagirl #weplay


I recently competed a course called teaching children to move well and often. It was basically a fundamental movement course which has been designed for primary school teachers to incorporate the very basics of movement into their PE lesson plans as it has become apparent that over the years children have not been taught to move properly e.g how to run with proper form, how to kick a ball, how to jump, hop and skip, it was great to work with so many committed teachers but the underlying concern was that they only had PE for one hour a week which, is not enough time to expose boys and girls to team sport that they might enjoy e.g volleyball, netball, football, cricket, and rounders, I want to be able to provide this opportunity for girls to participate taster courses of the sports mentioned above - WHO'S IN?


I would love to see what you as a parent think about this so the question is:
how much importance do you place on your daughter being involved in sport


To be part of the survey please take part in our survey 




D7 Multi Sports Academy's girls in sport initiatives tagline is #funtimesandtanlines .


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